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At a place where one road tees into another, a yaupon holly coppice welcomes travelers into the neighborhood, interceding between the movement of traffic and a new horizontal house. This gray stucco structure sits low in the landscape on a board formed concrete plinth. Shaded beneath broad overhangs, a distinctive thin cedar headdress mimics the natural colors of the surrounding trees. Nature is brought inside through glass openings of modern proportions while ceilings flow outside as great planes over long porches.

The homes open floor plan is contained between two projecting wings that house the private zones of the main level. While the master bedroom and study capture early morning sun the sizeable workshop/garage angles slightly, drawing one to a narrow but widening entry space. A steel plate making the entry folds upward to a sunny landing providing a sculptural invitation to the kid’s realm. Similarly, a two-story cedar wall folds into ceilings and cabinets implying movement, adding color and defining space at the center of the house. A brother and sister with creative interests inhabit the second floor with an adaptable play-space and personal covered balconies that extend their domains into the treetops.